Scheduling and pricing:

There are few options of bookings: per hour or full day.

- Per hours £150

- Full day sessions start at 12am and last till 7pm £800

The Studio minimum is the equivalent of £150

The amount of the deposit will go towards the final price of the tattoo. The £5 booking fee won't be included in the final price.

Sessions are paid in cash and deposits via bank transfer or Paypal. Other payment methods, can be considered, but check with us first.

You are more than welcome to ask for an estimate or an estimate of the amount of time needed, but note that it remains in any case indicative and does not constitute a commitment by the artist to finish within the time indicated or to charge within the estimate.

Design and execution:

Bookings are approved by the artist based on the project described above. We advise to keep things as open as possible and to be flexible to increase the chances of approval. Once the booking done any change must be notified and may not be approved, designed, and in principle, executed during the session booked.

If additional time is required to complete the piece, more sessions need to be booked. If you are wondering how many sessions you will need, feel free to enquire.

Occasionally, if the discussion and design take more time than usual, the execution might have to take place during a next session. The first session fee covers design and/or execution without distinction. That said, you are also welcome to enquire at the studios when Artist might be around and drop by for a quick chat.

Intellectual Property and usage:

All designs produced in the context of the tattoo remain to the artist property and may be re-used at their discretion.

If you require exclusivity on the design, “buy out” option can be discussed and subject to additional charge. You are obviously full entitled to use the image of your tattoo as part of your own image with no limitations.

If you bring artwork to include as-is, you are responsible to ensure you have the rights to use it and reproduce it.

Privacy and image rights:

The studios is monitored by cctv. Images and photos are frequently taken at the studio for social media use. The studio has unrestricted rights to use any image taken within its premises. Any special request questions or restrictions must be mentioned before the booking (payment of the deposit) and is subject to approval by the artist and the studio and if applicable, additional fees.

You might be asked to have your photo taken. By agreeing, you grant the Artist unrestricted right to use the images taken for promotional or editorial purposes. Any restrictions or questions must be clearly and immediately mentioned, short of which it is considered that you approve the above terms.

The studios are usually open spaces with other artists and clients around.

Let us know beforehand or if needed during the appointment if you require privacy.

For your own and the artist's safety, you may still appear on CCTV, which is in any case not to be viewed or used in any case unless very specifically required and remain strictly confidential.

Boundaries and consent:

Tattooing is by definition a practice which demands close contact and skin contact from design to tattooing.

It may be required or recommended to remove certain items of clothes in order to not interfere with the artist’s movements or to avoid cross-contamination of clothes around an area where tattooing is happening.

If unsure, please feel free to ask for an explanation why certain physical contacts happen or why you are asked to remove certain clothes.

Feel free to decline or state boundaries if needed, before or during the session at any point. It is always OK to enforce your boundaries and the artist must respect those.

Also, should the artist mispronounce you, feel free to state or remind them of your preferred pronouns.

Appointment and shop policy:

You are expected be on time for the appointment. If you are 15 minutes late or more without giving us notice, the appointment may be considered as cancelled and the deposit would be lost.

Once the appointment started a portion or the entirety of the session fee can be required, even if you decided to not proceed with the tattoo.

The nominal fee for the session booked is due even if the project is completed before the end of the time booked.

If time remains, you are welcome to enquire about using the time for more work, which may or may not be possible.

The shop policy allows only the client to be present inside the work area, at the tattooer’s station while the artist is working on either designing, consultation or tattooing.

People accompanying the client may freely stay in the waiting area. In some instances, and upon prior agreement from both the artist and management, one or two people might be allowed to be present at the station while the artist is working.


Under certain circumstances, the appointment may have to be rescheduled. We will do our best to give you at least a 48 hours notice. Deposit cannot be refunded except in the unlikely event of the tattooist having to completely cancel with no new date offered.

A refund may be offered if a rescheduled appointment is needed with less than 24 hours notice.

We encourage you to notify us if you are traveling from far and need to book tickets etc. Please note, the above rescheduling terms and conditions still apply but we try to be mindful of the logistics involved in travels etc. We advise to not arrange your travels more than 2 months in advance.

If you would like to cancel or reschedule once the deposit has been paid, the deposit can not be refunded, but it can be kept for a new date, provided that you give at least a 72 hours notice and a new date has been confirmed.

If we are notified less than 72 hours prior (working days) to the appointment, the deposit will be lost and a new deposit will be required for a new appointment.

All information contained in this is confidential and may be subject to copy rights or change.